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The Rehoming Process

Fill out an interest form on our website with your information and a staff member will get back to you shortly to schedule a phone interview.

The phone interview is the preliminary step to becoming placed on the wait-list and will cover general eligibility questions such as residence type and dog rearing experience.

One of our staff members will reach you by email or message to schedule a phone interview with you and your family. The phone interview will be about 15 minutes long.

Don’t be nervous about the interview! It’s a casual time where we get to know more about your family, and you get to ask questions about the rehoming process.

Once your family has been approved to be on the waitlist to re-home a Shiba Inu, there are two waitlists that you can choose from:

1) Priority wait-list: Requires a $100 deposit, for families who are certain and ready to rehome ASAP

2) Contact wait-list: No deposit required, for families who are interested in staying in touch about Shiba Inus that are available after all priority wait-listed families have been contacted.

Once we find your perfect puppy and the pup is ready to be visited, we will contact you to arrange an initial video visit or an in-person visit.

Prior to the visit, we will send details about the pup (age, gender, color, personality, photos, parentage). Upon request, secondary visits can be scheduled.

After the visit, you will discuss with our staff if you’d like to confirm to rehome the pup, and receive the necessary documents and information.

Schedule a final meeting with our staff to pick up the pup and bring them to their new fur-ever home!

Prior to the final visit, ask us for our homecoming guide to know what to prepare for your home, and tips to keep in mind about raising a new puppy.

This is when we will exchange the important things: the puppy’s registration paper, vaccination record, microchip information (if applicable), rehoming agreement, and the rehoming fee.

Keep us updated!

We love hearing from families and how the Shibas are doing in adjusting to their new homes and what their new names are.

If you have an Instagram or YouTube account for your new pup, feel free to share and you might find your cutie featured on our website!

What is the Shiba Inu Cost or Shiba Inu Price? 

Rehoming Fee: $1,750.00

(Registration: AKC, ACA or ICA)

On average, the cost of a Shiba Inu puppy from a reputable breeder
is between $1,900 to $2,500, depending on availability.

*A Note from NorCal Shiba Regarding the Rehoming Fee: 

Due to increase in demand as well as increases in fees for transportation, veterinarian costs, and food & crucial supplies,
we unfortunately have had to raise our rehoming fee to $1,750.00 from our previous price. 
We understand that financial cost can be a difficulty in preparing your family for a new Shiba Inu
we ask for your understanding as the rehoming fee goes into offsetting costs for transporting the puppies in case of 
out of state pups, small stipends for food, supplies, and vet checks that we provide to foster homes, and 
increases in overall costs for pet food and supplies. If you have any questions about the rehoming process or fee,
please feel to reach out at 

Meet our happy Shiba Inu adoption success stories!

Want to Rehome?

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Ready to bring home a new Shiba Inu pup or Shiba Inu puppies to be your furever friend? Contact us to begin the rehoming process!

If you have questions about Shiba Inu cost or about our Shiba Inu rescue program, please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

We are looking not for temporary parents, but we are looking to re-home our Shiba Inus
​to a forever home where they can grow up well and be loved.